Collection from domestic revenue reached 194.1 trillion VND, or 17.1 percent of the estimate, while that from crude oil 3.2 trillion VND, equivalent to 13.8 percent.

The Hanoi branch of the State Treasury of Vietnam. (Photo for illustration)

Budget balance stood at 22.7 trillion VND in the period, hitting 12.7 percent of the estimate.

Collection from State-owned enterprises was 23.3 trillion VND, or 15.7 percent of the estimate, while 41 trillion VND came from the private sector, excluding crude oil firms.

Collection from industrial and trade charges and services fees contributed 55.2 trillion VND, or 23.2 percent of the estimate.

Meanwhile, budget expenditure was estimated at 148.4 trillion VND in the two months, equivalent to 8.8 percent of the year’s estimate. Of the figure, regular spending valued at 103 trillion VND while investment at nearly 27 trillion VND.

More than 1.48 quadrillion VND was collected for the State budget in 2020, or 98 percent of the target, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Source: VNA