At an auction this week, the State Treasury mobilized VND 3.95 trillion (USD 169.5 million) from five-year and seven-year bonds worth VND 500 billion (USD 21.4 million) each and 10-year bonds and 15-year bonds worth VND 2 trillion (USD 85.8 million) each.

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The interest rate of bonds still increased slightly.

Specifically, bonds with 10-year maturity raised VND 1.55 trillion (USD 66.5 million) with an annual interest rate of 4.53 percent, up 0.03 percent from the previous auction on August 1.

Sub-session auction of 10-year bonds drew VND 600 billion (USD 25.75 million) with the yearly interest rate of 4.53 percent.

Those with 15-year term attracted VND 1.2 trillion (USD 51.5 million) with an annual interest rate of 4.81 percent, up 0.03 percent in comparison with the rate of the previous auction on July 25, 2018.

As many as VND 600 million was mobilized from 15-year bonds at the sub-session auction with an interest rate of 4.81 percent per year.

No bonds of five-year and seven-year terms were sold.

Source: VNA