Among the products, 73.9% achieved the three-star status, 24.7% got four stars, and 42 products five stars while the remainders are potential five stars.

There are 6,542 OCOP producers, 32.5% of which are cooperatives, 22% enterprises, 40.3% production establishments and business households, and cooperative groups make up the rest.

Workers make "cu do" - a candy made of roasted peanuts and molasses and covered with rice pancakes. The candy is a three-starred OCOP product of the Central province of Ha Tinh.

According to the office, all 63 provinces and centrally-run cities nationwide have developed and issued plans to implement the OCOP program in the 2021-2025 period.

The OCOP program, approved by the Prime Minister in 2018, aims to develop forms of production and business, help with economic restructuring to improve people's income and living standards, and contribute to the industrialization and modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

Hanoi continues to maintain its leading position with the largest number of OCOP brands winning three stars or more by the end of last month.

Since 2019, it has evaluated and classified 2,711 products, accounting for 89% of the target until 2025.

Hanoi has six products rated five stars, 12 others that are potential five stars, 1,473 with four stars, and 1,220 with three stars, statistics show.

Source: VNA