In the release, VinaCapital announced that it is serving as an investment advisor to the Taiwanese-based Jih Sun Securities Investment Trust (JS) on its newly launched fund – Jih Sun Vietnam Opportunity Fund (JSVOF).

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Founded in 1997, the JS boasts 25 years in the financial industry and is listed as one of the leading asset managers in Taiwan (China).

As advisor, VinaCapital provides its expertise and experience as a long-time investor in Vietnam to JSVOF’s managers, who have already constructed a portfolio consisting of the stocks of leading and fastgrowing Vietnamese companies. In 2021, VinaCapital’s Vietnam-domiciled open-ended equity funds led the industry, outperforming the benchmark VN Index.

Richard Kao, JS Chief Investment Officer, said as quoted in the release that “Vietnam’s potential is something Taiwanese companies have known for several years now – they have been leading investors in foreign direct investment. But until very recently, Taiwanese retail investors have had few options to participate in the growth of this dynamic market, which is what prompted us to launch JSVOF. We believe Vietnam’s post-COVID reopening this year should offer a relatively good market timing to launch the Taiwan-domiciled public fund JSVOF.”

“We always welcome more investment into the country and are ready to assist foreign investors interested in doing so,” Taylor said.

Source: VNA