The collaboration between the two companies aimed to promote carbon credit projects that adhere to international standards.

Representatives of the two companies exchange MoUs at a signing ceremony held in Japan. (Photo of FPT IS)

FPT IS, a subsidiary of FPT Group, will serve as the intermediary between organizations and businesses in Vietnam, providing services and solutions to drive green transformation projects. This includes leveraging technology for project implementation, management and carbon credit applications.

Carbon EX is a trading platform based in Japan that specializes in carbon credits and renewable energy certificates. They also offer consultancy services for the development of carbon credit projects worldwide. Carbon EX brings expertise in structuring new carbon credit projects, guiding them through the validation and approval processes, and supporting the adoption of approaches that meet global standards.

Through this collaboration, Vietnamese businesses can partner with FPT IS and Carbon EX to establish standardized carbon credits and effectively operate and manage carbon credit projects. This partnership aims to support sustainable practices and contribute to global efforts in mitigating climate change.

Source: VNA