The FPT headquarters in Hanoi (Photo: FPT)

As part of this continued commitment, FPT and Mila will explore collaboration on research projects related to large language models (LLMs) and natural language processing (NLP) while promoting Responsible AI, an approach to employ artificial intelligence with good intentions to empower people and organizations.

Both sides will contribute to developing guidelines, best practices, and ethical standards that will promote transparency, fairness, accountability, and privacy in AI applications.

The continued partnership seeks to solve complex problems and pioneer an AI ecosystem that fosters sustainable growth, human development, and social progress.

The partnership expansion was introduced at the Canada - Vietnam AI Summit, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the two countries' bilateral relationship. An overview of an AI-enabled future and efforts to make technology beneficial and safe for human lives were discussed among conference participants, including members of the Canadian and Vietnamese governments, scientists, and leaders from Mila, FPT, and FPT’s partners in North America.

FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh said the partnership between FPT and Mila is a rare opportunity for young Vietnamese engineers to access the world's latest inventions, and contribute to turning Vietnam into a world-class AI hub.

FPT is the only enterprise in Southeast Asia that has cooperated with Mila Institute since June 2020. The two sides have worked together very effectively in many research projects such as language modeling, speech coding, natural language processing, and large language models in the style of ChatGPT.

Yoshua Bengio, Mila’s founder and Scientific Director said that the Mila community has benefited greatly from their relationship with FPT over the past three years, which has resulted in the realization of many projects.

He said Mila is delighted to continue its collaboration with FPT, one of its major partners in Asia, which is a great example of Mila's international impact.

With strategic advice from Mila Institute, FPT is cherishing the idea of establishing a world-class AI research center in Quy Nhon city, the Central province of Binh Dinh, worth more than 85 million USD. The complex is expected to be a major research, development, and learning facility which can accommodate around 20,000 technology workers.

Source: VNA