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Of them, 199.8 million USD was poured into 374 new projects, down 2.5% year-on-year.

Singapore took the lead in the number of new projects, with 72 ones valued at 121.5 million USD, accounting for 60.8% of the total newly-registered capital. Japan came next with 32 projects worth 16.5 million USD, or 8.3%, and Hong Kong (China) was third with 25 projects worth 11.1 million USD, equivalent to 5.6%.

Up to 121 projects received additional capital of 403.3 million USD, marking an annual decrease of 35.3%.

US projects recorded the most adjusted capital with 215.1 million USD, or 53.3% of the total.

Foreign investors spent 541.1 million USD on capital contribution and share purchase in the period, up 9.3% annually. Singapore and Cayman Islands posted the highest capital contribution, with 53.6% and 11/5% of the total, respectively.

Source: VNA