As of the end of January, exports hit 472,805 tonnes. Photo: cafef

As of the end of January, exports hit 472,805 tonnes, raking in 174.62 million USD, up 122.9 percent in volume and 139.7 percent in value against January last year.

Export prices averaged 369.3 USD per tonne, a year-on-year rise of 7.6 percent.

China held the lion’s share during the period, with 96 percent of volume and value.

Vietnam shipped 453,456 tonnes to its northern neighbour and earned 166.56 million USD, increases of 127.7 percent and 146.5 percent, respectively.

Other markets bringing in more than 1 million USD in export value in January included the Republic of Korea, with 9,279 tonnes, and Taiwan (China) with 5,491 tonnes.

Exports last year reached 2.76 million tonnes, earning 989 million USD, an increase of 9 percent in volume and 2.4 percent in value compared to 2019. The average export price, however, fell 6 percent to 358.3 USD per tonne year-on-year.

Source: VNA