Although the number of job openings is lower than May, employers need more skilled workers, which account for 72.05 percent of the total demand.

Most of the vacancies are in the city’s four key industrial sectors and nine service sectors such as engineering-automation, garment-leather shoes, transport-warehouse-import-export and electricity-refrigeration-industrial electricity.

FALMI Director Tran Thi Anh Dao said that local enterprises require experienced workers to ensure their business operation and production development.


As for the job seekers, they tend to find jobs in IT, architecture-construction, accounting-auditing, sales, transport-warehouse-import-export, customer service, and administration.

Around 94.59 percent of the job applications are from experienced workers.

Regarding salaries, 26.65 percent of the job seekers ask for VND 5-8 million (USD 214.12-342.6) in payment, 41.07 percent propose salaries range of VND 8-10 million (USD 342.6-428.24), and 18.49 percent want jobs that secure them VND 10-15 million (USD 428.24- 642.37). Meanwhile, only 8.8 percent of them negotiate salary from VND 15 million (USD 642.37), and the remainders want under VND 5 million (USD 214.12) in payment.

There will be some 170,000 job vacancies in the city this year, 80 percent of which are for experienced workers in digital marketing, customer service, logistics service, retail sales, and fashion service.

Source: VNA