Cuong said that the potential for cooperation between Vietnam and the U.K., the first country in the world to institutionalize the net-zero emission target, is huge, as like the U.K., Vietnam has a long coastline and great solar power potential, especially in the Southern and South central regions as well as in the territorial waters in the South of the East Sea.

Dong Hai wind farm in Tra Vinh

Vietnam can learn from the experience of the U.K., the world leading country in clean energy, in many aspects, including policy. The U.K. has applied the Contract-for-Difference (CfD) mechanism to support businesses to develop wind power projects, which has been effective in the past 10 years.

Vietnam can also partner with the U.K. in personnel training as the U.K. has leading universities in the field of clean energy. Meanwhile, Vietnam can learn from the U.K.'s measures to attract investment from world giants and build a system of industries and supporting industries for the renewable energy sector, thus become ready for the energy transition that can start right in the rest of the 2020s, he said.

The expert highlighted that Vietnam is a country with the highest potential in Asia in terms of offshore wind power, which is drawing many large power firms from the U.K. and in the world.

Cuong held that with its rich experience in offshore wind power development, the U.K. can assist Vietnam, especially in mechanisms and the development of supporting industries for wind power development.

He said that during the construction of large-scale wind and solar power farms, Vietnam should upgrade its power transmission systems, and build more energy storage systems.

The U.K. is also a good partner for Vietnam to cooperate in human resource training, thus supplementing and gradually transferring available human resources in the power and oil and gas industries to offshore wind power, said Cuong.

He underlined that the development of clean energy, including wind power, is a challenge and also a great opportunity for Vietnam in the time to come.

Source: VNA