The conference was held by the Vietnamese Embassy and Vietnam Trade Office in Belgium in coordination with the Belgian - Vietnamese Alliance (BVA), the Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) and The Beacon Group, aiming to promote Vietnam - Belgium cooperation in seaport and logistics. The event was also meant to prepare for the Minister-President of the Government of Flanders Jan Jambon’s visit to Vietnam in September.

Participants in the conference pose for a group photo.

Addressing the event, Jambon highlighted that Vietnam and Flanders share many similarities, including their strength in seaports. However, he pointed out that there remains plenty of room for the two sides to expand their trade partnership, adding that the two sides should grasp new opportunities from the E.U. - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) to promote their sustainable development.

With its strength in digitization and multimodal transport, Belgium can assist Vietnam in optimizing the development and operation of seaports to seize opportunities and overcome challenges in the rapidly digitization era, he said.

Agreeing with Jambon’s assessments on the bilateral cooperation potential in smart seaport and logistics, Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Van Thao said that with its geographical advantages and strategic location in the international maritime network, Vietnam pays great attention to developing the seaport system and logistic centers. He called on Belgian firms to strengthen cooperation with Vietnam in this field for mutual benefit.

At the event, Belgian and Vietnamese firms shared experience and knowledge on opportunities in seaport and logistics sector in Vietnam, as well as challenges in the field.

Speaking to Vietnam News Agency’s correspondents in Brussels, Geer Dom, Director for Europe and the U.S.  of DEEP C, a firm that has invested in Vietnam for 20 years, said that Vietnam boast great advantages in seaport infrastructure and logistics. The country with a dynamic and fast growing economy is an attractive destination for foreign investment.

At the same time, Marc van Bouwel, General of ICE-LOFT said that Vietnam's geostrategic location creates a huge advantage in shipping, while the 16 free trade agreements (FTAs) that Vietnam has signed, including the EVFTA, also generate great opportunities for the maritime transport and logistics sector. This year, when Vietnam and Belgium mark the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations, is a good time for the two sides to further develop the multi-faceted cooperation relationship, including seaport and logistics cooperation, he added.

Source: VNA