GS25 plans to develop more than 500 establishments in Vietnam by 2025. (Photo: pulsenews.co.kr)

The 393-square-meter mega store in Ho Chi Minh City, called “GS25 Dien Bien Phu,” sells a variety of Korean food such as ramyeon (instant noodle) and Kkwabaegi (twisted doughnuts), and Vietnamese snacks.

GS25 plans to focus on strengthening its operational know-how and multipurpose infrastructure functions accumulated in Vietnam, and to develop more than 500 establishments by 2025 to become the No.1 convenience store in the country.

It also targets to open its 500th store in Mongolia next year and operate 1,500 overseas ones by 2027.

Since setting foot on Vietnam in January 2018 with the first store in Ho Chi Minh City, GS25 has provided products and services through a localization strategy that properly combines local food culture and Hallyu and K-food craze. It has quickly gained popularity in Vietnam thanks to convenient location, sound shopping environment and friendly services.

According to Jeong Chae-oh, head of GS25’s overseas business operation team, its 300th store in Vietnam is a tangible achievement that reflects the success of brand competitiveness and localisation strategy.

GS25 will continue efforts to grow into Vietnam’s leading convenience store in both reputation and reality, and become a global brand, he added.

Source: VNA