The July 1 event attracted officials and enterprises from both sides.

At the meeting

In her remarks, Lord Mayor of Nottingham Wendy Smith described her city as a dynamic economic hub where many Vietnamese people are residing and studying. Nottingham welcomes all Vietnamese companies and investors, she affirmed, hoping that the economic and trade relations between the two sides will grow further in the coming time.

Vietnamese Ambassador to the U.K. Nguyen Hoang Long, for his part, said there is plenty of room for the relations between Vietnam and Nottingham to expand.

Nottingham is home to a large Vietnamese community, and many Vietnamese students are pursuing education at two major universities here – University of Nottingham and Notting Trent University, he said, emphasising that they will act as a bridge to further develop the bilateral partnership.

With enthusiastic support from the government of Nottingham for trade and investment between the two sides and exchanges between their localities, the bilateral cooperation will be taken to the next level in the future, Long said.

Robert Dixon, Head of Business Growth at Nottingham City Council, pledged that Nottingham City Council will do its utmost to support Vietnamese enterprises doing business and investing in the city.

The 2022 Vietnam Goods and Gastronomy Week is underway in Nottingham. On display are wooden furniture and a wide range of food products exported from Vietnam, including coffee, fragrant rice, cashew nut, fresh and dried fruits, canned fruit juices, dried noodles and rice papers.

Source: VNA