The Philippine official said his country’s experience in organizing the SEA Games 30 last year could help Vietnam in its preparations for hosting SEA Games 31 next year.

He also expressed a desire to understand more about the criteria for selecting the four sports that will be included in SEA Games 31.

At the meeting

He praised Vietnam’s success in the stick-wielding martial arts category in SEA Games 30 and suggested the sport be included in SEA Games 31.

For his part, Phan thanked the Philippine side for its support for the Vietnamese team at SEA Games 30, saying he hopes the country will share its experience in preparing and organizing the Games with Vietnam.

Regarding the proposal to include the stick-wielding martial arts in SEA Games 31, Phan said many factors must be considered before including any sport.

Vietnam’s organizing board of SEA Games 31 is still considering four sports that best suit all participating countries, which will then be submitted to the Prime Minister for consideration and a decision before November.

Source: VNA