The opening ceremony of the 2019 Volleyball Tournament – Military Cup

The ten-day long tournament has attracted the participation of 12 men and women volleyball teams from civilian and military units. 

The participating teams are divided into male and female groups and compete in a round-robin format to select the best teams for the semi-final round.

After the opening ceremony, the LienViet Postbank team played vs. the Tien Nong Thanh Hoa.

The opening match between the LienViet Postbank and the Tien Nong Thanh Hoa

The 2019 Open Volleyball Tournament is a chance for civilian and military volleyball players to raise their skills. It is also one of the activities to celebrate the “Determined to Win” Emulation Congress of Military Region 4 in the period of 2014-2019.

Translated by Nguyet Minh – Van Dat