This was the first time in his five-year tenure, the Korean coach had an opportunity to meet and comfortably share his thinking with the fans. Only 30 luckiest fans were able to join the event via signing up with Park’s representative agency (DJ Management & Inspired Asian Management). The participants prepared meaningful gifts for the coach.

Coach Park Hang-seo meeting with Vietnamese football fans

At the ceremony, Coach Park Hang-seo expressed his thanks to Vietnamese fans for supporting him and apologized for not spending much time with them.

In addition, he said that he was very aggressive and hated to lose, but he was always strict with himself. With the players, he always wanted them to be as confident as possible. He always encouraged them while the match was in progress and only reminded them after the game finished.

For his future plan, Coach Park Hang-sei said that he plans to open a young players training facility in Vietnam and continues to devote his experience to developing the Vietnamese football in the time ahead.

In his conclusion, Coach Park said he will return to the Republic of Korea in June and he definitely will come back to Vietnam soon because he already has a house in Hanoi.

Translated by Trung Thanh