During the hybrid event, local and foreign scholars and researchers proposed new ways for better preserving and promoting the values of the archives.

Scene of the workshop

They suggested Vietnam accelerates the introduction of the digital version of the UNESCO-recognized archives and others to the public, potentially through virtual reading rooms, and 2D and 3D virtual exhibitions. Diverse communications channels must be employed to promote the documentary heritage, for examples via social media or at school.

Nguyen Dynasty’s Imperial Archives are administrative archives of the Nguyen Dynasty, the last feudal dynasty of Vietnam and in region which lasted from 1802 to 1945. It received the world documentary heritage status in 2017.

The collection reflects all aspects of history of Vietnam society at the time and the diplomatic relations of Nguyen Dynasty with other countries all over the world. Basically handwritten on Do (Poonah) paper in Chinese and Nom (Chinese-transcribed Vietnamese), the archives are significant original source for compiling Nguyen Dynasty’s history.

The collection is also the only original administrative records which contains autographs of the ten Nguyen Kings. The collection is now being preserved in the National Archives Center No.1 of the State Records and Archives Department of Vietnam.

Source: VNA