Exhibited artifacts
The artifacts include Buddha statues, altars, ancestral tablets, incense-tables, parallel sentences, and more, carved on lacquered wood from the Le and Nguyen dynasties (17th century - early 20th century), seen as a golden era for wood carving of the country.

In this year’s exhibition, the artifacts were arranged in different groups related to religions and beliefs in combination with arrangement in artifact types, appearances and functions.

In addition, the organizing panel also introduced a number of images about the making of red-lacquer trimmed with gold wooden artifacts to visitors. The antiques not only present the perception of life, aesthetic tendency and the talent of the Vietnamese ancestors, but also bear in them historical, artistic values and those of traditional customs and practices, religions and beliefs of Vietnam.

The exhibition aims to honor the traditional handicraft, Vietnam’s cultural identity while helping the public learn more about the work of search and collection of display items and raise people's awareness of preserving and promoting historical, cultural and artistic values.

The event will run till November, 2017.

Translated by Lam Anh