Village elder Bh’riu Po was chosen to lead a group of artisans to put up the traditional Neu pole in the first ritual. He made a sketch of the Neu pole and added detailed explanations.

 Village patriarch Bh’riu Po was responsible for the ritual of the Co Tu ethnic people.

He said, “The Neu pole of the Co Tu people has two main parts: the root and the top. Part of the root is fixed in the ground. The top is a bamboo tree which is hung with a woman’s belt to symbolize the beauty of Co Tu women. Co Tu people believe bamboo is a plant which grows strongly. After the harvest, we often pray to the Gods to make their rice grow as strongly as bamboo”.

Bh’riu Po said his design reflects the close relationship between the Neu tree and the daily life of the Co Tu people. It depicts Co Tu girls dancing tung tung da da, and dh’lom bung flowers blooming in the forest.

He said, “Hung on the Neu tree are items made from bamboo, such as different kinds of baskets which are indispensable to Co Tu people and a drum with the image of a dragon on each side”.

Village elder Bh’riu Po is respected by the villagers for his great knowledge of Co Tu culture.

He said, “For Co Tu people, the Neu tree is very beautiful and important in their life. The tree reflects the Co Tu people’s soul. They believe a beautiful Neu tree will please the gods and they will be blessed”.

Source: VOV