Banh mi Boys Sandwich shop in Toronto, Canada. Photo Courtesy: Banh Mi Boys Shop
Two of the four restaurants are located in Toronto, namely Banh mi Boys Sandwich Shop which was ranked 42nd and Dac biet Burger Shop at 52nd.

The other two are Vancouver – based Chau Veggie Express and Banh Mi Bar, which were listed 57th and 76th respectively.

The list, which was based on feedback from foodies, was dominated by Toronto with 40 restaurants, followed by Vancouver with 17 spots, while Montreal landed 12. Two spots each went to Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax.

The eatery on top of the list was Muncheez in Toronto’s Markham city.

Yelp Reviews is a San Francisco-based corporation which develops website and mobile app publishing crowd-sourced reviews on local businesses.

Source: VNA