During this period, the exhibition center also hosts the 6th Hong Kong International Art and Collectibles Expo.

Covering an area of 28,400 sq.m, the exhibition has brought together more than 600 exhibitors from countries and territories across the world, including Vietnam, the Philippines, Iran, Russia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and many cities of mainland China.

A visitor to the Hong Kong art expo watches Vietnamese products on display.

Many works of calligraphy, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, modern art, photography, jewelry, collectibles and antiques, ceramics, sculpture, and embroidery are displayed at the expo.

The exhibition aims to strengthen the connection and cohesion between countries from the perspective of art and culture to promote international cooperation and create a completely new atmosphere for the culture and art industry. Each country showcases its unique works of art and culture.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong International Art and Collectibles Expo provides a platform for artists worldwide to display their works of art. This is also an opportunity for curators and collectors to exchange, evaluate, invest, and collect works.

Many concurrent events will be held, such as seminars, performances, and competitions.

The exhibition organizers expect that it will attract over 20,000 visitors from countries and regions.

Source: VNA