With the support of the CCEE Paris Events, the introduction of the film was the first of its kind held in France, with the presence of Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang, Vietnamese expatriates and French friends.

An exchange between French audiences and Vietnamese film crew

"A Fragile Flower" is inspired by the life of a Vietnamese singer living abroad with her triumphs, fame and challenges when pursuing success abroad. Shot entirely in the U.S., the movie aims to bridge the cultural gap by promoting the beauty of Vietnamese music to international audiences and fostering a connection between expats and their homeland.

Through a selection of 15 carefully chosen songs performed in Vietnamese, English and French, the movie captures the characters’ emotional journeys, allowing audiences to not only experience the captivating music but also gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture and its people.

With 12 awards from various international film festivals, the movie resonated particularly well with Vietnamese expats during its screenings in the U.S., India, France, and other European countries, receiving positive reviews from both film critics and audiences. Notably, it secured the prestigious Best Female Director Feature Film award at the 2024 World Film Festival in Cannes, solidifying its place as a cinematic achievement.

Source: VNA