Russian students at Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages (MGLU) perform the "My Chau - Trong Thuy" play at the event.

Speaking at the event, Assoc. Prof Elena Zubsova, Department of Oriental Languages, Department of Interpretation MGLU, said that the university has a history of relations with Vietnam for decades. Since the 1960s, the school has trained hundreds of Vietnamese language experts, many of whom have held high positions, and for which the school has been honored with the Friendship Order by Vietnam.

In 2017, the MGLU started to open Vietnamese language training classes, helping to strengthen the relationship with Vietnam

Currently, it is providing Vietnamese language courses to 39 students. The university currently has 64 Vietnamese students and doctoral students.

For her part, First Secretary in charge of education of the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia Mai Nguyen Tuyet Hoa affirmed that the embassy highly values the organization of the second Vietnam Day at the MGLU.

She also said that language is a bridge to help promote the friendship as well as the relationship between the two countries.

Elena Zhusova, Head of the Vietnamese language Department of the MGLU, said that the event aims to popularize the Vietnamese culture to Russian friends and at the same time to encourage students who are studying the language to exert more efforts in studying and learning about the Vietnamese history and culture.

Source: VNA