The festival includes a memorial to mark the death of great legendary father Lac Long Quan and an incense offering ceremony to great mother Au Co on April 10, and a ceremony dedicated to Hung Kings on April 14.

Tens of thousands of visitors flock to Hung Kings Temple each year.

Worships will be held at the Hung Kings Temple Complex and other temples to commemorate Hung Kings and heroes of the Hung Kings era throughout the province.

The main festive day of the Hung Kings Temple Festival will be kicked off on April 12. Especially, there is a fireworks display after the opening ceremony.

During the event, the organizers hold other activities, such as folk music performances, exhibitions, cake making contests, sport tournaments, and folk games to advertise local cultural identities.

According to a representative of the Management Board of the Hung Kings Temple historical relic site, local forces have drawn up plans to ensure public order and security for the festival.

Translated by Song Anh