Giving calligraphic words is a tradition of Vietnam on the first days of a lunar new year.

The event aims to preserve Vietnam’s traditional cultural values, beautiful customs and rituals during the Lunar New Year festival as well as educate younger people of national traditions.

This year, the organizers will hold various educational activities for children, including document and photo exhibitions on Lunar New Year festivals in the 19th and the 20th centuries and exhibitions on Dong Ho, Hang Trong and Kim Hoang folk paintings.

Through exhibitions and activities, such as wrapping chung cake (square traditional Vietnamese rice cake), making artificial flowers and playing folk games, children will gain a deep insight into the nation’s traditions and customs.

In addition, the center introduces information about “thi Dinh” (the highest-level exam held in the feudal dynasty to find the most excellent people to work in the court) and royal costumes, offers a tour around the newly-excavated archaeological site to the east of Kinh Thien Palace and recapture the old incense offering rituals at Kinh Thien Place to help visitors understand rituals in the past.

Visitors visit an exhibition at the event.

During the Lunar New Year Festival, visitors will have a chance to enjoy artistic and water puppet performances.

Translated by Tran Hoai