The collection comprises two postage stamp models and one stamp block at the prices of VND 4,000, VND 12,000, and VND 15,000, respectively. 

The stamps, designed by artist Nguyen Du, depict the life cycle of a tea tree. (Photo: Vietnam Post)

The “Cay che” was designed using graphic design techniques. The two “postage stamp models depict the life cycle of a tea tree, from seed to tea-related products. The stamp block portrays ancient tea trees which are grown in a pristine natural environment with fresh air in mountainous areas.

The postage stamps (32x43mm in size) and the stamp block (90x80mm in size), were designed by artist Nguyen Du from Vietnam Post. The “Cay che” stamp collection has been put up for sale in the Vietnam Post network from May 21 to December 31, 2025.

Translated by Tran Hoai