The project, Viet Nam Tuoi Dep (Beautiful Vietnam), is a non-profit production by T Production and Gala Nhac Viet, two private entertainment agencies in the city.

It has received support from the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) and Youth Cultural House.

 A music performance. Photo: VNS
The project aims to introduce the beauty of famous landscapes and tourist sites.

It includes three programs featuring several hundred artists in different fields. It begins airing this week and will run throughout the year.

The first program will include a music contest for composers and a live concert. Both events feature 50 veteran and young artists.

Organizers will release a series of three music videos (MVs) called Viet Nam-Que Huong Toi (Vietnam-My Homeland) in the second program.

Pop stars Ho Ngoc Ha, Dam Vinh Hung and Ho Quynh Huong, young musicians such as Nguyen Hong Thuan and Duong Khac Linh will perform in the MVs. They will sing Vietnamese songs in praise of country and people.

The MVs will air on HTV channels and Ho Chi Minh City radio and other provinces and cities.

A TV show on famous tourist destinations of Vietnam will be highlighted in the third program, called Que Huong Toi-Viet Nam Tuoi Dep (My Homeland –Beautiful Vietnam).

Each 20-minute episode of the 52-part series will capture a taste of the country’s culture, lifestyle and cuisine.

It will be broadcast on HTV9 every Friday morning and Sunday evening.

Source: VNA