Binh, 21, who is now studying in the U.S., started to write when he was eight.

At the event

With his language capacity and love for literature, history and culture of Vietnam, Binh translated Truyen Kieu, a famous work of poet Nguyen Du, into English to introduce to the world the cultural beauty and the humanity ideology of the nation.

Currently, Binh is planning some literature projects, including an epic about Vietnam, thereby bringing the image of Vietnam and its people, including historical figures of Vietnam, to the world.

At the meeting, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc congratulated Binh on his success in the English translation of Truyen Kieu, a work with high historical and cultural values, thus promoting Vietnamese culture to international friends.

The State leader hoped Binh will continue his research and introduce more valuable works to the public, contributing to enriching the country’s literature, while continuing to spread the image of Vietnamese culture and people to the world.

He also asked relevant ministries and agencies to continue discovering and nurturing young talents to serve the country’s development.

Source: VNA