Thuy’s mural art at Noi Bai International Airport features a lotus flower pond on a 400sq.m wall.

A large mural painting at Terminal 2 at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi. Photo:

She said she uses anti-dust exterior painting colours which are often used in construction work, ensuring the durability. The colors are mixed carefully in order to present viewers with the true colors of the flower.

The lotus flower is the logo of the national flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines. It is also considered the country’s national flower.

Thuy hoped that viewers will be impressed by the mural painting. Each flower and leaf is very large. One flower is 1.5m in height with a diametre of 2m.

Thuy and her colleagues previously created a piece of mural art covering a pillar that is 7.4m in height and 6.4m in diameter, featuring images of flowers and tropical trees at Da Nang International Airport.

The artwork won the bronze medal at the 10th International Design Awards.

Thuy plans to create a second mural painting of the same theme at terminal two of Noi Bai International Airport.

She will send her design to compete in a number of international design contests and register at the Guinness Book of World Records Vietnam for the largest outdoor picture in Vietnam.

Source: VNA