This annual award was presented by Secretariat of the Party Central Committee

Speaking at the event, President of the Party Central Committee's Theoretical Council and Director of the Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy Nguyen Xuan Thang highlighted the importance of culture and arts in the strategy on building the Vietnamese culture to meet the requirements of rapid and sustainable development of the nation.

Presenting the A prize to author Huu Thinh

Fully aware of President Ho Chi Minh’s viewpoint that culture and arts is also a front, writers are soldiers, the Vietnamese Party has over the past time attached much importance to culture and issued various flexible and rightful guidelines and policies to develop the sector.

The official affirmed that during the 35-year renewal process, culture and arts sector has recorded important developments. Many works with ideological and artistic values have been created, contributing to meeting the higher demand of people and turning culture into a resource and inner motivation for national development.

Awarding outstanding teams of the contest

At the event, organizing panel presented one first, six second and ten third prizes to outstanding works of different genres, including general theory, theory and literary criticism, theory and artistic criticism.

These works cover many practical issues in the cultural and literary life and contribute to combating wrongful and deviant viewpoints in cultural and artistic life.

Regarding group award, the council presented awards to 13 units with outstanding achievements in popularizing literary and artistic criticism. The Culture and Sports Editorial Division of the People’s Army Newspaper was among the awarded.

Translated by Song Anh