It used to be called Dinh Xa village, a famous pottery village mainly produce wine bottle, teapot, cooker for famous Vu Dai village fish dishes. Recently, Quyet Thanh village's products have been exported to Japan, Hong Kong and the US.

Pottery village - Ups and downs

Quyet Thanh village is 5 km away from Phu Ly city. Since 1959, local authority has reestablished Quyet Thanh pottery cooperative to restore and develop pottery making tradition.

 Pottery partisan in Quyet Thanh village (photo:

Initially, pottery is only produced in Ha villages. In 1989 after Que town establishment, Ha village is changed to Quyet Thanh village and being divided from a ward of Que town.

Quyet Thanh pottery village's development has tied to the ups and downs stages of our country. The village thought to be disappeared.  

Besides, village's products were only circulated within local areas, vendors purchase appear everywhere, accompanied with the limit of product and the obsolescence of technique. Among 600 residents with 200 households, there were only 70 households with 1 member each family to still making pottery product.

In 2004, Quyet Thanh village was recognized as traditional village of Ha Nam. Besides, various products with golden color have been widely advertised. Skilled workers were recognized for their contribution to the development of pottery village. Quyet Thanh gradually came back and soon to create a brand.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of pottery's lovers, Quyet Thanh village now produced 6 million products each year, mainly are wine bottle, teapot and other things. They are distributed in many provinces including Hanoi, Ha Giang, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa and some Southern provinces. Although there are only 5 furnaces with 1 of them is incinerator furnaces but they have brought 3.5 million VND salary per person per month.

Nguyen Duc Phu, Chairman of Quyet Thanh pottery cooperative said: "The village is rebuilt but it still exists many problems such as taxes are not privileged, lack of skilled workers and investment. It is in need of new incinerator technology. Besides, some households goods are slowly sold but we still have dealers ordered thanks to the brand."

Quyet Thanh pottery detoxifying alcohol

Quyet Thanh pottery is well-known with the ability to discharge aldehyde.

Thao, a wine dealers comes to Quyet Thanh to buy pottery bottle said :" I've heard about it recently. If it's true, I would be able to combine my wine and Quyet Thanh pottery to create a new wine which support detoxification."

Nguyen Duc Phu, Chairman of Quyet Thanh pottery cooperative revealed: "Thanks to the given natural climate, Quyet Thanh land is differ from others. That is why our products could discharge Aldehyde while still retaining the flavor of the wine without reduce its concentration. Quyet Thanh pottery also can be used for making tea to remain the smell and refreshment due to good moisture."

Such phenomenon is still inexplicable according to Mr. Phu but there are many famous wine and tea brand have coordinated with Quyet Thanh village to use pottery for their products.

Through many ups and downs, Quyet Thanh pottery village gradually build its own brand with various products. It has received the Reorganization for Ceramics Brand in 2010 from Ha Nam Science and Technology Department.


Translated by Bac Hoang