The ministry also urged making dossiers seeking the recognition of national treasures in the 10th batch in 2021.

Five national treasures kept at Quang Ninh Museum. Photo: baodantoc

As of late 2020, Vietnam had 215 national treasures approved by the Prime Minister, which are being conserved by organisations and individuals of the Party Central Committee Office, the Ministries of Home Affairs and National Defence, and the People’s Committees of several provinces and centrally-run cities.

To better the conservation work, the ministry requests relevant agencies to build and carry out a special protection plan for each national treasure, with priority given to measures to prevent fires, explosions, robbery and natural disasters to ensure absolute safety.

They are required to promptly report to relevant agencies at higher levels on any problems affecting the preservation of the national treasures.

Ministries, sectors, and localities should prioritize resources to upgrade infrastructure of the preservation spaces and relic sites where the treasures are kept.

Dossiers seeking the recognition of national treasures should be sent to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism before August 31.

Source: VNA