A pair of golden artichoke flowers, weighing more than 60 taels, was on display in the central city of Da Nang for two day starting from December 11.

The flowers were made in the real size with 50 petals and can be compared with the royal jewelries in terms of their value and precise beauty. It took 50 PNJ designers and goldsmiths, who also made the crown for the 2008 Miss Universe, more than 1,200 working hours to finish. 

Earlier, the flowers were presented at the Vincom City Towers in Hanoi from November 28-30 and the Saigon Tax Trade Centre in Ho Chi Minh City on November 23-24.
The display of the flowers is a chance for people across the country to see them before they are presented to the lucky customers attending the promotion programme of Vfresh, which is running from November 2010 until January 2011 with the total cash prize of VND5 billion.

 Source: VOV