The 14-day event was organized amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic. The museum tried its best to organize the composition camp in line with strict observance of pandemic prevention and control measures.

The works are displayed at the museum.

Participants enthusiastically joined the contest, composing a number of high-quality works with various contents to serve the general public and fine art lovers.

The composition camp attracted the participation of 20 painters with 36 works closely following all requirements of the organizing board. Therefore, it not only reflects the authors’ fine art competence, but also shows that the topic of the Armed Forces and Revolutionary Wars still contains many contents to be exploited.

Reportedly, many works successfully highlight images of wartime and civil-military relations as well as uphold the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the national defense and construction cause in the current context.

Outstanding works will be selected to upcoming exhibitions hosted by the Vietnam Military History Museum.

Meanwhile, the museum also plans to further organize similar activities in order to continue beautifying the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the current context as well as popularize fine art works among the public.

Translated by Minh Anh