An artistic program recaptures Bach Dang Victories. Photo: VNA

The event was part of the activities to mark the three victories of the Vietnamese people over foreign invaders in 938, in 981 and in 1288 at Bach Dang estuary and to promote the province’s tourism in 2021.

The festival included an opening ceremony, an artistic program, a parade of General Tran Hung Dao’s statue, and traditional worshiping rituals dedicated to heroic soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the nation.

The province also hosted various activities to promote its tourism, including a tour to local landscapes, an exhibition on national treasures, an exhibition on calligraphy, and folk games.

The festival was held to highlight the significance and historical values of the Bach Dang Victories in the struggle against foreign invaders and educate the young generation on patriotism and national pride.

Translated by Tran Hoai