At the event, nearly 200 displayed photos, materials, and items are divided into two parts, namely “Milestones over time” and “Friendship, cooperation and development.” The first part showcases outstanding photos and items reflecting the significant, timely and effective support of the Party, State and people of the Soviet Union/Russia for the Vietnamese people’s fight for independence in the past and its current national construction and defense cause.

Delegates visiting the exhibition

The second part displays typical images, documents and artifacts reflecting the mutually beneficial cooperation relationship between Vietnam and the Russian Federation in various fields, with the focus on defense ties, which have been a pillar in the bilateral relationship. It vividly reflects the two countries’ defense cooperation activities over the past time, including military technology, arms industry, human resource training, and Army Games. 

The exhibition also includes photos and artifacts recalling the important achievements and milestones in the Vietnam-Soviet Union and Vietnam-Russia traditional friendship over the past years, especially their defense cooperation during the resistance war for national independence in the past and current national construction and defense cause.

At the event, the application that Soviet Union officer Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Petrovich sent to the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense to express his wish to join the resistance war against the U.S. invaders in Vietnam on December 3, 1966 captures visitors’ attention. A Konvas camcorder produced by the Soviet Union and provided for Vietnam in 1963 for filming documentaries about the nation's resistance war is also among the highlights of the exhibition.

The exhibition, which will run until December 5, aims to educate troops and people, especially young generation, about the traditional friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union and present Russian Federation. It is an effort to uphold and lift the fine friendship between the two peoples and two militaries to a new height.

Translated by Tran Hoai