According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the activities also follow the theme of Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) of Quarter 2.

At the Vietnam Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

A display of photos, artifacts, literary works and articles featuring Uncle Ho with ethnic minorities will be held from May 12-31 at the Ede ethnic village.

An exhibition “Lotus in Vietnamese cultural life”, slated for May 19-20, will feature lotus in photos and lotus-made food such as tea, jam and porridge, along with music performances on Uncle Ho and his sentiment to Vietnamese ethnic communities.

During May, a number of traditional festivals of ethnic groups will be held in the village such as wedding ceremony of Rag Lai group from the Central province of Ninh Thuan, new house warming ceremony by the Cham group from Ninh Thuan, music and dance performances in the Ede and Gia Rai villages.

On May 27, a ceremony celebrating the Buddha’s birth anniversary will take place at the Khmer pagoda complex in the village.

Source: VNA