Taking place from February 19 to 21, the festival features a series of activities imbued with cultural identities of ethnic minority groups. 

Artistic performance at the opening ceremony

During the festival, locals and tourists will have the opportunity to experience such cultural activities as selling OCOP (One commune, one product) products and making special local dishes; and playing games, such as Tu Lu (a traditional version of spinning tops), stick pushing, and Pao (made from linen cloth, stuffed with flaxseed) throwing, among others.  

Nam Po district’s leaders present flowers to participating units.
Delegates and locals at the opening ceremony

Activities during the festival aim to preserve, honor, and promote the unique cultural values of ethnic minorities in Nam Po district, contributing to improving the spiritual life of the people and creating a vibrant atmosphere of competition in production. At the same time, activities are to popularize the nature, people, cultural and sports potential of ethnic groups in the area to friends inside and outside the province.

Translated by Chung Anh