The spaces of five Quang Nam’s traditional craft villages – Phuoc Kieu specializing in bronze-casting, Kim Bong in wood-making, Thanh Nam in fishing, Hoi An in lantern-making, and Thanh Ha in pottery making – are created at the park.

A booth featuring a craft village at the park

Visiting the park on the occasion, tourists can play archery games, join boat races, try casting bronze, make conical hats and pottery, and design their own lanterns. They are also treated to Bai Choi singing performances, folk games, street food, and a Chung cake festival that offers hands-on experiences.

At 5pm everyday, a dancing show, titled ‘Hoi An world,’ is scheduled to re-enact the Hoi An port of the old days.

Meanwhile, the colorful musical show named Hoi An Memories takes place between 7.30 and 8.40 pm. Featuring a cast of nearly 500 actors and actresses on a 25,000 sq.m stage across the Hoai River, it recalls the memories of Hoi An as a prosperous trading port over 400 years.

The 10-hectare theme park includes indoor and outdoor theaters, shopping and entertainment complexes.

Source: VNA