A “don ca tai tu” performance (Photo for illustration: qdnd.vn)

These events aims to review the State management in protecting and promoting the values of the three heritages: the cultural space of gong in the Central Highlands, the “don ca tai tu” art form (southern amateur singing) in the southern region, and Vietnam’s traditional practice of “Tho Mau Tam Phu” (the Worship of Mother Goddesses).

Ways to improve personnel capacity and management efficiency for Vietnam’s UNESCO-recognised heritages, and enhance coordination among agencies, localities in protecting heritages, will be under discussion.

Participants to the conferences will focus on assessing the current situation of heritage management, and the building of projects to protect heritages.

They will also share experience in heritage management and preservation and difficulties facing localities in the works, as well as proposed solutions to those issues.

As planned, representatives from localities boasting the heritages, experts, cultural researchers and those from relevant departments and sectors will gather together at the conferences.

Source: VNA