According to the Management Board of Vinaculto, some 20 Phu Lang pottery artisans will be invited to take part in the program to introduce the pottery-making process, from choosing and shaping the clay to decorating the products with different patterns, and more. Typical Phu Lang pottery products will also be showcased.

Photo for illustration

Additionally, visitors will have a chance to enjoy BacNinh love duet folk songs, a typical folk singing genre in Vietnam. Especially, on August 8, 9, 23 and 24, artists from the Vietnam Tuong (Classical Drama) Theater and the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater will entertain audiences with special performances, including the puppet show “My beloved colors”. During the show, audiences, especially children will learn more about the traditional arts of Vietnam.

When visiting Vinaculto in August, tourists will also have an opportunity to make cakes, play folk games, and join activities to pray for peace at spiritual spaces such as the Khmer pagoda and Cham tower.

Through this August program, the organizer hopes that the traditional cultures and customs of the ethnic minority groups will be further popularized, contributing to their preservation.

Translated by Mai Huong