The cover of the book

With 115 articles, the book has four parts, namely “Deserving trust of the Party and love of the people”, “Actively participating in constructing and consolidating national defense, and protecting the Fatherland from afar and early on”, “Building an elite army to meet mission requirements in the current context”, and “Under the sound leadership of the Party, deserving the title “Uncle Ho’s soldiers” and the title “An army of the people.”

General Lich affirmed that over the past years of building force, fighting foreign invaders, and developing its organization, the Vietnam People’s Army has tried its best to serve the Fatherland and people, protect the interests of the working classes, protect national independence and socialism, peace, bring freedom, prosperity and happiness to the people, and be absolutely loyal to the Party.

The book has theoretical and practical values for the Party and State in leading and directing the military to implement defense and military tasks and build a standardized and modernized military in the current situation.

The book clearly shows his deep strategic thoughts about the current military construction, defense consolidation and Fatherland protection, as well as serves a basis for the military to successfully perform its functions and tasks in the new revolutionary period.

Translated by Khanh Ngan