Japanese director Masako Sakata.

Masako Sakata, a Japanese director, has returned to Thua Thien-Hue province and Danang, Vietnam, to shot the first scenes for her second film on the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange after her first success, entitled “My Personal Requiem”.

In Hue, she paid a visit to A So airport in Dong Son commune, A Luoi district, which was seriously affected by the toxic chemicals sprayed by American aircraft in the Vietnam War.

She filmed the victims’ current life, and today’s children living near the airport.

During her stay in Danang, on June 11th and 12th, the Japanese director sought more information related to Agent Orange victims. She recorded activities in the centers caring for Agent Orange victims, as well as people’s daily life and the environment around a hot spot of Agent Orange in Danang airport.

As Masako said, her second film about the Agent Orange victims is a report, in which the main characters are Agent Orange victims and Vietnamese war veterans. They will share their wish and feelings.

During January of this year, Masako met with a number of Vietnamese war veterans and lawyers in several US cities.

“I am not sure when the film will be completed. However, I wish more and more people , all over the world, are aware of the film I am making”, said Masako.

Director Masako Sakata started filming Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange in 2003 when her husband, Greg David, an American war veteran, died of a cancer caused by contact with one of the chemicals during his mission in Vietnam.

Her film “My Personal Requiem” has been shown in Japan, the USA, France, Cuba and Canada.

Source: TT

Translated by Mai Huong