An overview of the talks

Cuong said over the past years, ties between Vietnam and Cambodia, and the two legislatures, have been growing with the exchange of delegations at high level and the sharing of experience through working sessions, workshops and conferences.

In order to continue effectively implementing the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation between the two N.A.s’ Secretariats, he proposed that both sides continue working closely together to arrange visits by high-ranking delegations, provide consultancies to serve bilateral and multilateral activities of the legislative bodies as well as monitor and step up the implementation of agreements and cooperation mechanisms between the two countries.

They should share information and experience in building a contingent of officials, civil servants, and workers with sufficient quantity, better quality to meet the requirements of the assigned political tasks, he said.

He urged the two N.A.s’ Secretariats to facilitate the exchange of information and experience in organizing information services, press and publishing work, strengthen digital transformation by establishing an electronic N.A. Office, an electronic N.A., a digital library and museum, ensuring their efficient, safe, and flexible operations.

Within the framework of the MoU valid for three years, Cuong suggested the agencies assisting the Cambodian, Lao and Vietnamese N.A.s hold a program to share professional experience combined with cultural and sport exchanges among their staff in Vietnam next year.

Leng Peng Long, for his part, wished that in the coming time, the Vietnamese N.A. Office would provide training for the Secretariat of the Cambodian Senate in the field of information technology, supply computer equipment to the supporting agency of the Cambodian N.A.

Vietnamese, Cambodian N.A. Secretary Generals and other delegates in a group photo

Furthermore, there should be increased promotion of exchanges among young parliamentarians with the spirit of solidarity, learning, and mutual development, he said.

He said the program for the exchange of professional experience combined with cultural and sports exchanges next year will contribute to further nurturing the relationship and solidarity between the supporting agencies of the two N.A.s.

During a working session with representatives of the Vietnamese Ministry of Finance in the afternoon the same day, Leng Peng Long thanked the Vietnamese Party, State and people for providing Cambodia with the generous gift of 25 billion USD to construct a new N.A. building in 2017. He said it is a priceless and special symbol of the friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Cambodia.

He expressed his belief that in the coming time, the Vietnamese Party, State and people will continue supporting Cambodia and the Cambodian People's Party in the national construction and development.

Source: VNA