The message said the CPV and Vietnamese people highly evaluate the CPP’s leadership and the effective direction of the Cambodian Government in the fight against COVID-19 while ensuring the implementation of the country’s socio-economic development goals. 

Secretary General of the Cambodian National Assembly Leng Peng Long (right) hands over a thank-you letter from  the NA Chairperson to Vietnamese Ambassador Vu Quang Minh to acknowledge Vietnam's medical supplies for the country in the COVID-19 fight.

Regarding the two countries’ common efforts in the combat against the pandemic, the CPV is thankful for the close cooperation of the Cambodian Party, State, and people with Vietnam in the frameworks of bilateral ties and ASEAN collaboration, which has resulted in encouraging outcomes in both nations.

The mutual support was ever seen in the past when the two nations joined hands to overcome difficulties and challenges to gain victories during the struggles to overthrow the Pol Pot genocidal regime in Cambodia and liberate the south and reunify the nation in Vietnam as well as in their national development progress nowadays.    

The Vietnamese Party, State and people are committed to doing their best in working with their Cambodian counterparts to preserve and foster the two countries’ traditional solidarity and friendship, comprehensive and sustainable cooperation.

Source: VNA