He gave the comment in an article on the fight against corruption and investment opportunities in Vietnam, which was published on the website of the Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC).

(Photo for illustration: laodong.vn)

In the article, Uch Leang wrote that such strong determination reflects transparency, respect for the law, abundant workforce, and good governance and business environment in Vietnam.

Highlighting the firm and strong progress Vietnam has made in the combat, the author cited statistics from the Vietnamese press showing that over the past decade, Party Committees and Inspection Commissions at all levels disciplined more than 2,700 Party organizations and nearly 168,000 Party members, of whom 7,390 were punished for corruption.

The Party Central Committee and its Politburo, Secretariat and Inspection Commission have also imposed disciplinary measures on more than 170 high-ranking officials, of whom 33 are members and former members of the Party Central Committee, and more than 50 general-rank officers of the armed forces.

Notably, since the beginning of the 13th tenure of the Party Central Committee, 50 officials under the management of the Party Central Committee have been disciplined, including eight members and former members of the Party Central Committee and 20 general-rank officers.

Uch Leang held that the corruption prevention and control efforts are Vietnam’s preparations for welcoming foreign investors as there will no harassments in the domestic business environment.

Source: VNA