In the announcement on December 31, Peters expressed his sympathies and sharing with the neighbor that suffered successive natural calamities over the past six months.

New Zealand will provide USD 1.5 million to help recovery efforts following the deadly tsunami which struck Indonesia.

The appeal will help the Indonesian Red Cross deliver the relief and assist the victims of the most venerable communities after the disasters. It will also help the Indonesian people prepare plans against similar calamities that may happen in the time to come.

The support will allow the Indonesian Red Cross deliver assistance to about 167,000 tsunami victims over the next 30 months.

Over the last six months, Indonesia has suffered three significant events, the Lombok earthquakes in July and August, the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami in September,

and the Sunda Strait tsunami on Dec. 22.

According to the latest statistics released by the Indonesian government on December 31, the death toll of the tsunami was 437, while the number of those injured nearly doubled to over 14,000. The disaster rendered more than 33,700 people homeless and 16 others still missing.

Source: VNA