Using solar energy is a way to protect the environment.

The initiative was launched by Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen during the third ASEAN - E.U. Dialogue on Sustainable Development.

The initiative, backed by a 30-million-EUR grant from the E.U. budget, is hoped to strengthen the E.U. - ASEAN partnership in areas including climate action, environmental and biodiversity protection, clean energy transition, disaster resilience, prevention of illegal logging, wildlife trafficking and air pollution.

This initiative provides the framework for coordinated green action between participating Team Europe partners (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany and Romania, as well as the European Investment Bank) and ASEAN member nations, seeking synergies between their respective political frameworks, especially the European Green Deal and the ASEAN Community Vision 2025.

The Initiative will be implemented both at national and regional levels in the ASEAN region.

Source: VNA