Singapore is taking first steps to reopen its economy. Businesses such as food manufacturers, barbers, specific food retail outlets and laundry services are now able to resume operations with strict medical supervision measures.

A hair salon in Singapore is reopened. (Photo for illustration)

According to the Ministry of Health, the country recorded 884 more COVID-19 cases on May 12, bringing the total in the state city to 24,671, including 21 deaths.

Close to 90 percent of of infections in Singapore are related to dormitories for foreign workers.

Also on May 12, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced to ease restrictions against the COVID-19 pandemic from May 16.

Some manufacturing companies in Manila capital will be allowed to resume operations with 50 percent capacity.

The President warned his people to follow safety measures when coming back to work.

To date, the Philippines has confirmed 11,086 COVID-19 cases, including 726 fatalities.

Source: VNA