The event was jointly organized by the France-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group (FVFPG) of the Senate of France and Paul-Valery Montpellier University.


At the seminar

Participants analyzed the legal and political-strategic aspects of regional and international tensions related to sovereignty disputes and activities of involved parties in the East Sea; and the past and future role played by France and Europe in contributing to promoting development cooperation, maintaining peace and stability in the region.

They agreed that like other maritime zones in the world, the East Sea must be a place of interference and exchange, and a space of connection and cooperation among countries; and acts of intimidation and hegemony cannot be tolerated.

Participants highlighted positive development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the sea, including the fishery cooperation programme in the Tonkin Gulf between Vietnam and China, cooperation against pirates, and the “Coral Triangle Initiative” to protect marine and coastal resources between Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua – New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste.

However, they pointed out arising challenges which threaten peace, stability and security in the region and agreed that maintaining peace and stability as well as promoting cooperation and development not only benefit countries bordering the East Sea, but also the international community as a whole.

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, France has always shown its interest in the East Sea issue through increasing maritime cooperation with countries in the region. The country is actively implementing a policy towards Asia, focusing on cooperation for security and development in the East Sea in the Indo-Pacific Strategy announced by President Emmanuel Macron in 2018.

Delegates also mentioned the France-Vietnam relations. Over the past two years, the bilateral relationship has been constantly developing. The exchange of high-ranking delegations between the two countries has been increased, while their economic cooperation sees promising prospects after the European Parliament ratified the free trade and investment protection agreements between the EU and Vietnam.

Source: VNA